What will the Republican party of the future look like?

The short answer is that if the GOP doesn’t get its act together, it isn’t going to have any future.

Not electorally, anyway. The Republican party may well become something like the Libertarian party – one that is Cheap Ferragamo Womens Handbags Sale always on the ticket but not winning many elections.

Why is this?

The Republican brand does not resonate with young people. In 2012, President Obama beat Mitt Romney among voters thirty and younger by 24 points. The Republican party, with the exception of Ron Paul, is less popular with young people than New Coke was in 1985. Look it up.

It is too easy to blame young people for failing to support the GOP. They’re not educated enough to realize they’re voting against their own interests, we tell ourselves, or they’re too stoned to know what’s really good for them. They’re staring at their Facebook accounts and not keeping themselves informed about current events like Benghazi and NSA surveillance. These assumptions are, however, false.

Young people I have had the fortune to have Ferragamo Womens Boots Sale Online encountered are generally fairly pessimistic about the capacity of politicians to effect true change. This cynicism – well-deserved, I might add – is not bulletproof. Witness Barack Obama in 2008, or Ron Paul in 2012. Young people have the potential to be inspired, but they are inured to the charm of a John McCain because they see familiar long-serving politicians or as purveyors of politics as usual.

This is Salvatore Ferragamo Mens Bags Sale especially problematic for Republican politics because Republicans are not accustomed to accept young and rising stars as Ferragamo Shoes Sale Online serious nominees during elections. By the time a Republican aspirant wins a nomination, they have usually been around long enough that they have become intertwined with the status quo and therefore compromised.

Young voters are well informed about the less flattering aspects of any GOP candidates. They watch the Daily Show.

It is not enough to ask how the GOP can better connect with young voters. It’s not the connection that is the problem for young voters – the connection is fine. The problem is the message.

It doesn’t matter how many bright young women and African-Americans and Latinos are recruited into the party, or how much conservative candidates use social media platforms, or how often they appear on the Colbert Report as long as the message is flawed.

What is the message that young people are getting from the GOP, especially if they happen to be gay, or black, or female, or Latino, or poor?

The message is this: a group of older rich mostly white men want to continue getting rich at your expense and intend to keep you second-class citizens of this country as long as possible for the sake of achieving this goal.

Does this sound like it is hyperbole? If it does, I’m betting you are over thirty.

The GOP is bankrupt when it comes to telling young people how the future they are offering is superior to the one the Democrats are rapidly bringing about. In that respect there is silence. What it does tell them is that if they are gay they can’t get married, and if they’re women that their medical Cheap Ferragamo Womens Belts Sale decisions should be partly decided by the state, and that if they’re black it’s okay for them to be killed like Trayvon Martin and no one is going to do anything about it, and if they’re Latino that it’s fine their parents or friends’ parents  were deported because in the long run it will be better for everyone.

This, of Ferragamo Shoes Sale Online course, was before the Tea Party decided to hold the government hostage during the shutdown.

It doesn’t help that most Republicans aren’t misogynists, or racists, or homophobes.  Their leaders make everyone else think that they are.

What the Republican party of the future will look like depends on how well it changes the way speaks to young people. Those under thirty aren’t just domestic citizens – they’re experienced global Internet surfers and they are far more cosmopolitan in their ideas about equality than their parents are, Republican or Democratic. They have little patience for what they perceive as bigotry and prejudice.

The message they need to be hearing is this:

“We, the Republican Party, believes that all Americans have the right to seek opportunity under the law and better themselves regardless of color, gender, sexual preference, or religion. We have made mistakes in the past when we strayed from our conservative roots and we want to atone for them. We believe that your interests are not being served by the Democatic party or this administration and we want to protect them if you will let us. The way to restart an economy is not with the use of illegal surveillance or by expanding the role of government in your healthcare. It is to encourage young people to adapt to the viccissitudes of the information economy and find a niche there in which to thrive. We are pro-privacy and anti-war. We think the government should be as uninvolved in your lives as possible so that you can cultivate your dreams and desires without interference from Washington bureaucrats. The Democrats have failed you. Let us offer you another possible world.”

What can the bellicose, spying, unrepentant hawkers of Obamacare possibly say in response?

Thomas Davis – NEWSslinger Contributor