What Is This Giant Stone Ball Doing In A Bosnia Forest?


A giant stone ball measuring 10-foot-wide was discovered recently in a remote Bosnia forest and many people, including academics and modern day adventurers like Sam (Semir) Osmanagich, Bosnia’s version of Indiana Jones, want to know if the ball was created by mother nature or someone else, perhaps even a race from another planet.

Over 30 Tons In Weight

After recently examining the stone ball Osmanagich and a team of scientists believe that it weighs over 30 tons and could be the biggest stone ball on Earth but the big question is where did it come from, or who made it?


Man Made?

Osmanagich and many other experts believe that the stone ball is man made but was created by a civilization that existed long ago that was similar to Atlantis and had advanced technology.

The objects’ “meaning, use and production remain largely a mystery. The spheres are distinctive for their perfection, number, size and density, and placement in original locations. Their preservation from the looting that befell the vast majority of archaeological sites in Costa Rica has been attributed to the thick layers of sediment that kept them buried for centuries.”

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