Was King Tut’s Knife Really Made From A Meteorite? The Answer Is Yes.


There’s no denying that the Pyramids of Egypt continue to be some of most impressive wonders of the world, and many people have wondered for years if an alien civilization may have help the Egyptians build the pyramids. This question may be closer to being answered because analysis of King Tut’s knife has shown that it was made from a meteorite.

Ironwork Was Rare In Egypt

Although many people may think that isn’t a big deal, the truth is that ironwork was rare in Egypt during King Tut’s time, and what’s even more shocking about his knife (which Howard Carter found in 1925) is that the knife has hardly rusted at all in the 3,300 years since King Tut walked the earth, and it looks like it could have been made in this day and age. 

Egypt Civilization Was More Advanced Than Most People Thought

Regardless if you believe that aliens helped build the pyramids one thing is clear, the Egyptians were aware of meteorites and used them to their advantage for creating powerful weapons that lasted through countless battles and in King Tut’s case 3,300 years since his death.