United Nations, the Vatican and Crimes Against Children

Talking about change is not all well and good when that’s all it is – talk.  Especially when the talk is merely obfuscation and not a light to guide an effective resolution.  Centuries old sexual abuse and crimes against children by the Catholic Church are gross deceits designed and delivered from those who have purposely put themselves in a position to be humanity’s spiritual connectors with God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.  That this widely known gross deceit is allowed to continue is criminal and should be stringently prosecuted, and publicly decried.  Instead, when a priest is found to have sexually abused someone the cure is to move that priest to another parish.  When crimes against children are discovered a blind eye and deaf ear are turned.

 On Jan. 31, 2014 the U.N.’s Convention on the Rights of the Child issued its concluding observations in reply to the Holy See on a response that was six years late and that ignored many concerns. 

 Startlingly, concerns that the U.N. deliberated that it needed addressing to the Holy See were globe circling child prostitution, child pornography and the sale of children.  These acts are premeditated and willfully committed.  Perhaps tellingly, the Holy See’s response was unaccountable in that it simply ignored addressing these acts.  The U.N.’s reply was that the “Holy See has given precedence to the preservation of the reputation of the church over children’s rights”.

 The Holy See, on July 11, 2013, did adopt laws to penalize offenses against children, but those laws are only valid in Vatican City.  This is another act of unaccountability.  The Holy See has been so unaccountable and willfully ignorant as to raise disgusting questions of its sincerity in stopping these acts, and the horrifying possibilities of its motivations.

 The U.N.’s reply expressed “deep concern about the discovery in 2011 that thousands of babies had been removed from their mothers in maternity wards in Spain and sold by networks of doctors, priests and nuns . . . similar practices were also carried out in other countries”.  Obviously the Holy See is fully aware of what is being done under its umbrella.  Yet it refuses to implement meaningful resolutions.  The U.N. reply stated “the Holy See does not seek extradition of persons for the purposes of prosecution . . .”  Voice of America, reported on Feb. 5, 2013 that “The Vatican’s former sex crimes prosecutor Monsignor Charles Scicluna said the Holy see ‘gets it’ and that certain things ‘need to be done differently’.”  Satan must be laughing.  Perhaps Satan is laughing all the way to the Vatican vaults.

 How is the money from the sales of babies by doctors, priests and nuns being divided?  What about money from the sales of child pornography?  Since the Holy See is obviously aware of these acts but does nothing differently, it too is guilty. 

 Acts of child prostitution, child pornography and the sale of children must be severely punished.  They must stop.  The Vatican must be held responsible and liable, and it must pay restitution.  Public outcry must be loud and unrelenting. 


Joan Brown ~ NEWSslinger.com