The Execution Dennis of McGuire

Yesterday, the state of Ohio executed 53-year-old Dennis McGuire for the rape and murder of a woman, Joy Stewart, who was 8 months (or 7, depending on the source) pregnant in 1989. Of course, the baby didn’t survive either. He was convicted in 1994, after he confessed to the crime, and has been sitting there sucking up tax dollars ever since. For 20 years.

 The big here is that the state used a new drug combination that consists of  a mixture of midazolam, a sedative, and hydromorphone, which is a pain killer. Ohio ran out of the usual drug, Pentobarbitol, which causes death by respiratory arrest, in September.

 The supply was not refreshed due to some concerns from the manufacturer of the drug, a situation which forced the state to find a new alternative.

 This new drug situation has ruffled feathers on both sides of the debate on the death penalty, as well as those who think this is inhumane.

 The family of the McGuire attended his execution, where he honored them with his last words, which were, “To my children I love you,” to his son and daughter. “I’m going to heaven, I’ll see you there when you come.”

 He then yelled “I love you” around 10:29 a.m. Then the drugs took over and his eyes rolled back in his head.

 His death then took about 15 minutes, the last 10 of which were spent with him unconsciously gasping for air. Many who attended and had witnessed several executions before claimed that this one lasted longer than it should have.

 McGuire’s attorney was full of anger over the incident. “The people of the state of Ohio should be appalled by what took place here today in their name,” he said. He then called the execution a “failed experiment” and claimed that he would look into what happened.

 Sounds unpleasant.

 Now, about what happened to Joy Stewart…

 According to a family member, “The last time I saw her, she was beaming with happiness and couldn’t wait to meet her baby.”

 Joy was  a newlywed who was 8 months pregnant and anxiously waiting to begin her journey in motherhood.  She was last seen getting into a car with McGuire. Her body was later found in the woods by hikers.

 She had been brutally raped and then stabbed twice in the neck, and left to die from the wounds. She bled to death, and her unborn child died with her.

 Attorneys for McGuire tried to postpone his execution by this new drug, for the reasons that it could possibly be painful or cause him terror. Does this seem like a logical argument?

Not to me.

 Now, the family of Joy Stewart are Christians and had forgiven him for what he did. However, they feel he should still face the consequences of his actions, and addressed the concerns that McGuire might suffer, saying, “he is being treated far more humanely than he treated her. Ultimately, we must all face judgement – both here on Earth and in Heaven. It is his time to face the judgement.”

 The death penalty has been a long and haggard back-and-forth for years, but what are your feelings on the time convicted and admitted perpetrators of such heinous crimes spend soaking up tax dollars in prison?

 What about your feeling on whether or not these monsters should be protected from feeling pain upon death? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Lacy Langley – NEWSslinger Contributor

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