Steal Soda From McDonald’s And Go To Jail?

Steal soda McDonalds

Can you really be sent to jail for stealing soda?


SPRINGDALE, Arkansas – An 18 year old McDonald’s customer received a shock when he was arrested recently for filling up his water cup with soda.

Although this is something that millions of people may have done over the last 30 years when ordering a meal from a fast food establishment like McDonald’s, 18 year old Cody Morris was arrested for how he committed the crime. Morris ordered a cup of water with his meal at a Springfield Arkansas McDonald’s drive through and decided to sneak into the McDonald’s on the sly with his friends then fill up his water cup with soda.


Once Cody Morris and his friends were spotted by the McDonald’s manager they were promptly asked to dump the soda but Morris refused and he was chased out of the parking lot by the manager who attempted to block Morris’s car from leaving. This didn’t work well since Morris hit the manager twice with his car before driving away to a nearby bowling alley where he was arrested.

Besides committing one of the dumbest crimes ever Cody Morris faces felony robbery charges as well. Hopefully this case will be a wake up call for anyone who decides to commit a similar crime in the future.