Should you wrap your car keys in aluminum foil?


If you’ve purchased a new Cheap Ferragamo Accessories Sale vehicle within the last five years you most likely have a vehicle that’s equipped with key fob technology which will unlock, and in some cases, start your car or truck for you before you enter your vehicle. 

Even though this technology is great it does come with a price and thieves have been able to steal the wireless signal from some key fob models, even when the owner of the vehicle is more than 100 feet away from their car. This has promoted many security experts to urge new vehicle owners to start wrapping their key fobs in aluminum foil when they are not in use.

How Criminals Attack Key Fobs

In 2016 savvy criminals are able to steal key fob wireless signals by using amplifiers to intercept signals for any make or model of vehicle, then choose from a variety of codes for the make and model of your key fob or vehicle online, from a black hat website, to determine what could be the code for your key fob.

What most drivers don’t know is that wireless key fobs are always on so it’s Ferragamo Drivers Shoes Sale Online possible that your new vehicle could be targeted if it’s parked in the driveway at night, especially if your key fob doesn’t have anything to block it’s signal.

How To Protect Your Key Fob

The Salvatore Ferragamo Wedges Shoes Sale easiest way to protect your key fob is to store it in a box that’s lined with aluminum foil since a car thief will not be able to intercept the signal if the aluminum foil is blocking it. If this isn’t something that you want to do, you can also put your key fob in a freezer or microwave oven because, both of these appliances are encased with metal and the key fob signal cannot get past metal.

Although these ideas are easy to Cheap Ferragamo Mens Bags Sale follow you can make the process of protecting your key fob even Salvatore Ferragamo Eyewear Sale easier by Salvatore Ferragamo Mens Shoes Sale Online purchasing a signal blocking pouch to keep your key fob safe when you’re not using it.