Oops! Fox News Wrongly Reports Jennifer Esposito Skipped Town


Fox News was quick to jump on a rumor today which claimed that well-known actress, and star of CBS Television’s Blue Bloods had skipped town right in the middle of a $43 million dollar lawsuit.

Investors, including the actress’ British model husband Louis Dowler, hit Esposito with the suit in March.

They alledge Esposito’s bakery is failing. They say she redirected the company’s website to her personal blog and told consumers the products couldn’t be trusted.

“Esposito has instilled and promoted a groundless and downright false sense of fear that the very same products with the same recipes, coming from the same facility, that she once stood behind, are now unsafe to consume,” the lawsuit.

The source adds that the 43-year-old left the country to “process all of her legal woes.”

She is also in the middle of her second husband and investor Dowler. She was previously married to actor Bradley Cooper and engaged two more times before she married Dowler in 2014.

This is not the first time Esposito has made headlines for a controversy. She memorably alleged in 2012 that she was put on indefinite leave from the CBS show “Blue Bloods” after informing the network of her Celiac disease diagnosis.

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Once she learned that Fox News was reporting that she skipped town Mrs. Esposito quickly recorded a video in her bakery mocking Fox News, and proving that she was still very much in the United States.