ObamaCare Spokespeople

The Obama administration has once again clearly proven that they are not at all like the majority of Americans. Yesterday, on , an article appeared to introduce the newest spokespeople for Obamacare: Adam Levine and Wilmer Valderrama.

 Yes, Fez.

 Apart from Adam Levine, People’s Sexiest Man Alive, the list of celebrities they have been able to coerce into supporting this health care monstrosity is laughable to say the least. Fran Drescher, and Kal Penn (of Harold and Kumar) have also signed up to be the new faces of the ACA.

 This list is a far cry from the celebrities that stood up for the thing in it’s big idea stages. Lady Gaga, Amy Poehler, Rosario Dawson, Olivia Wilde, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Pearl Jam, Lance Bass, John Legend, and Kerry Washington among others, were all on board to tout Obamacare.

 In fact, they might come back if the Celebrity-In-Chief asks them to, according to Ronn Torossian, publicist to the stars.

 “When things go wrong, naturally celebrities won’t want to be outspoken. But don’t expect them to be quiet for long. They will stand up again as soon as President Obama asks them to.”

 I don’t know, wouldn’t they have come back before he was forced to choose a new line-up? I’m just putting that out there…

 Either way, no matter who the latest Obamacare diplomats are, this whole situation is ridiculous to me. Celebrities don’t really care to take a few moments from their bustling schedules to learn what the facts are, they just want to do the bidding of a president that is just like one of them; a president who takes selfies at a funeral, and of a ruthless dictator whom no other president worth anything would even share the same air with.

 However, this is not the most personally offensive part of this whole scenario. The most offensive part, by far, is that these people that currently run our great country see its citizens as mere sheep, ignorantly trotting to the call of their celebrity shepherds. Why do they assume that most people listen with bated breath to Hollywood, in order to determine what they should do next?

 Whether we are deciding who to vote for, or what to support, this seems to be the road this administration takes as its default. Despite what the president may think, and despite the few under-informed (like….those who give away their precious vote for president because he has the right skin color?), we are not dumb animals to be led around by the latest ideals of the few that consider themselves “elite”!

 When will Hollywood and Obama understand that, yes, there are a small percentage of willfully uninformed citizens who will sit quietly at their feet and soak in every word of their sparkling, rainbow-infused delusions, but the rest of us have our own opinions of what is happening to our nation, and we don’t like it.

 My question is, who are really the sheep here? To me, it seems like the “elite” are simply wool-covered minions, obediently following around their great shepherd, Barak Obama. The rest of us are simply spectators of a bad play, wondering when a real leader will step up and be the voice of the real people.

Lacy Langley – NEWSslinger Contributor

Lacy is a conservative Christian writer who enjoys the freedom of the First Amendment, in order to make a good living, and the freedom to educate her children at home, in the greatest state of Texas, in order to make a great life.