Obama and His Liberal Media

Conservatives are constantly bombarded morning to night with liberal perspectives by mainstream media outlets and entertainment television programs. We awake to ABC’s Good Morning America, or NBC’s Today show with the beloved Al Roker. Emerging late morning, the obnoxious leftist ladies of The View begin slandering conservative Americans. By late afternoon Katie and The Ellen DeGeneres Show commence, leading into the evening with NBC Nightly News, CBS Evening News, and ABC World News With Diane Sawyer. The night concludes with conservative bashing from The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and the Late Show With David Letterman, just to resume the stale “entertainment” monopoly all over again.

 It’s no wonder democrats are declared trendy and hip, and republicans labeled as old, white, and lame. We are constantly informed and entertained by the left.

 In truth, we are all born liberal during adolescence; ignorance is bliss. While you grow older, and wiser, political issues begin to effect your life. You’re preparing to enter the world as a hardworking, contribution to society, and become directly effected by liberal policy. Then, and only then, do you adapt into conservative ideology; or at least some of us do.

 No matter what the democrat’s and Obama administration’s agenda is for the day, the mainstream media helps enable their policies by not only distorting the facts, but with misleading viewers by neglecting to report pertinent information, or anything at all.

 Racial tension appears stronger since Obama held office. During the Obama’s election and re-election, white conservatives were demonized as bigots and racists for not voting for him. The mainstream media incessantly reported that America was still a racist nation, attempting to further separate its people, particularly republicans from democrats. 

 George Zimmerman was immediately construed as a “white” hispanic, racially motivated murderer, after defending himself from a brutal attack by a black teenager. How many whites are attacked, robbed, and murdered by blacks daily, and not labeled as racially motivated, or even reported on by the media?

 In New York, black teenagers are “polarbearing” innocent, oblivious white woman and men in a game called the “knockout game.” The selective mainstream news coverage hardly mentioned the attacks, and if it was reported on, the black teens were just teenagers being teenagers, not racists.

 It is only acceptable to demonize whites, because they are more likely to be labeled as conservative.

 Additionally, the mainstream media progresses the Obama administration’s schemes by manipulating words and phrases into appealing terminology and acronyms.

 The threat to our right to bear arms is deemed as “common sense” gun laws on “military-style assault weapons,” and there is never a shortage of exploiting horrific shootings into gun control propaganda. New York labeled their attack on the Second Amendment as the SAFE Act (Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013). Abortionists are Pro-choice, socialistic healthcare is the Healthcare Reform, illegal immigrants are undocumented workers, and liberals are capitalists.

 When they can’t produce their typical jargon, or a plausible rebuttal, Obama and his liberal media embark in childish name calling. Conservatives who believe that traditional marriage; which is a religious rite; consists of a man and woman only, are regarded as homophobic and hateful.

 Spend fifteen minutes watching ANY news outlet or entertainment program, besides the leader of cable news, and the forever hated network, Fox News, and count the various names and labels conservatives are given. It is absolutely disgusting.

 Through the media, Democrats advertise they are here for the hardworking American, while Republicans only cater to the wealthy.

 So, what have we learned today? Republicans consist of racist, homophobic, rich, greedy— and in contradiction, uneducated white trash rednecks— cold-hearted, regressive folk. Much obliged to the Obama administration and the left-sided mainstream media’s diatribe, ignorant, self-proclaimed liberals don’t know any better than to vote democrat.

NEWSslinger Contributor – Mike Stone