Judge Sentences Veteran To Night In Jail, Then Spends Night With Him



In North Carolina a judge proved that there are a few good judges left in the United States when he sentenced a former Special Forces sergeant, Joe Serna, to a night in jail for violating his probation but instead of moving onto his next case Judge Lou Olivera decided to spend the night in jail with the former sergeant because, he thought that one night locked up might set Joe Serna (Age 41) back, since he he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder after spending multiple tours in Afghanistan.

Compassionate Judge

Judge Lou Olivera could have easily went home for the night but he saw that Serna was trembling and decided to spend the night with him in jail rather than walking away like other judges may have done. 


What’s great about this story is that Judge Olivera works in the Cumberland County Veterans court, a court that’s specifically for Veterans, and has the goal of helping them become productive members of society after they come through the court system.

Father-Son Conversation

When he was interviewed about his night in jail with Judge Olivera, Joe Serna said that he was touched by the judges compassion and said that their conversation was more of a father-son conversation, and what he needed at that point in his life.

As for Judge Olvera he continues to stay committed to helping other Vets like Serna and said this recently about his commitment to helping vets who come through his system:

“They have worn the uniform and we know they can be contributing members of society. We just want to get them back there,” the judge said.

Source – Foxnews.com