I Can’t Hear You

47 Republican senators signed a letter to be delivered to Iran's leaders

Tom Cotton of Arkansas and 46 other Republicans said that without congressional approval any deal between Iran and the U.S. would be merely an agreement between President Barack Obama and Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

I love sports. Always have. I used to scour the sports page for hours as a kid, looking over every box score, replaying every game in my head by looking at the numbers. My dad collected Sports Illustrated, so every summer I’d go through his collection and read first-hand accounts of past great moments in sports. The Thrilla in Manila in ’75; Secretariat in ’73; Reggie in ’77. Bjorn Borg vs. McEnroe. I loved it all.

I took that passion and turned it into a career, and have been following sports (and getting paid for it!) my entire adult life. Maybe my passion for it isn’t what it was back when I was 10 years old, but I still enjoy a good game, or better yet, a great story. I couldn’t wait to have kids to pass this on to. I’d share my devotion to the Oakland Athletics, Oakland Raiders, and Golden State Warriors. Rickey Henderson, Kenny Stabler and Chris Mullin were all just waiting to be a part of their lives.

They’re still waiting. See, my two kids couldn’t care less about sports. I’ve tried, gently, to get them interested, but to no avail. They just aren’t. So I have my sports life, and my family life, and never the two shall meet. I’ve had to make an adjustment to what I thought my life would be, and accept what it is. I’m fine with that. As an adult, you have to make these types of adjustments because life rarely goes according to plan. It’s hard, but what was I going to do, not enjoy my children and their interests? I still love my A’s, but I also love watching my girls in Annie or Seussical, or any of the other shows they’ve been a part of.

Which brings me to our President. He came into office with a world view, and, like a petulant child, he is not going to deviate from that view, no matter what. “I won’t! You can’t make me! Nanny-nanny, boo-boo. ”That’s fine when things work out exactly how you thought they might. It’s kind of like reading from a teleprompter (which our President is really good at). But take that away from him, and all of a sudden, in place of the smooth-talking intellectual he postures as, he becomes more like a drunken Raiders fan in the fourth quarter of a Monday Night Football game.

He was hell-bent on pulling troops completely out of Afghanistan and Iraq, shoving ObamaCare through Congress, and passing a stimulus package that stimulated only Chris Matthews (just exactly what was that“tingle”in his leg?).

And now, he’s hell-bent on getting a nuclear agreement in place with Iran –consequences, and the world, be damned. It’s like he has his fingers in his ears, yelling“I can’t hear you!”to those who criticize this ridiculous, dangerous game he is playing.

Bibi Netanyahu spoke in front of Congress last week and put forth every rational argument there is to not make a deal with Iran on its nuclear program, but the only one needed is: They can’t be trusted! They have a tyrannical government that is ruled by the mullahs, and Sharia law. They don’t believe in women’s rights, gay rights, or basic human rights. They don’t put Israel on any of their maps because they don’t acknowledge its existence and they have said publicly that their stated goal is the annihilation of the Jewish state. All in all, they’re a lovely bunch.

Who in their right mind would believe anything these people have to say? Obama, however, just keeps insisting that Iran has no intention of using its nuclear power for weapons. In fact, he said last month that “according to their Supreme Leader, it would be contrary to their faith to obtain a nuclear weapon.” Well, okay then. I stand corrected. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, says it would be against his faith, so I guess all is good. Then again, he also said in 2009, “Today, you [Americans] are hated throughout the world. If you don’t know this, you should. The peoples burn your flag. The Islamic peoples all over the world chant: ‘Death to America! ’”Sounds like a good guy to listen to.

He also repeatedly calls for the annihilation and destruction of the Zionist State – which is not the nickname for Arizona, but rather Israel. Like Bill Murray said in Stripes, “Lee Harvey, you are a mad man. I want to party with you.” Well, Ayatollah, you truly are a mad-man. And President Obama wants to party with you!

This week 47 Republican senators signed a letter to be delivered to Iran’s leaders. It has infuriated Democrats, who say it “sabotages” any hopes of reaching a deal with Iran. You’re damn right it does. Look, there are times when our two parties differ on an issue, and the line is clear. This is one of them. The Democrats are for a nuclear-powered Iran. The Republicans are not. The Democrats think that inspectors will be able to verify if Iran is compliant with whatever deal is in place. Republicans think inspectors can’t do diddly— and by then it will be too late. Democrats think the only way to deal with the world’s number one supplier of terrorists is by negotiating with them. Republicans feel that any deal negotiated with Iran would be bogus.

So pick a side. If the Democrats are right, then good for them. It will be the first time appeasing a thuggish theocracy has worked out. If they are wrong, hello nuclear arms race in the Middle East—and goodbye Israel. (This is the place where I point out that, before Obama arrived on the scene, Israel was one of our closest allies.)

Life was much simpler when I was rooting for the A’s back in 1980. Then again, I was 12. Some of us have grown up. But some of us haven’t. Mr. President, eat your vegetables (“I won’t!”), do your homework (“You can’t make me!”), brush your teeth (“Nanny-nanny!”). Oh, and most importantly, don’t let Iran get its hands on a nuclear bomb.

Mr. President? Mr. President? Please take your fingers out of your ears, Mr. President.

Scott JohnstonScott Johnston – NEWSslinger Contributor A longtime television Sports Producer/Writer, Scott Johnston is turning his attention away from baseball, football, and tennis and  towards his favorite other sport: politics. A husband and father of two, Scott lives just north of Boston in the very blue state of  Massachusetts. He writes about things other than politics in his blog . Originally from Southern California, Scott and his family moved to the Northeast almost 10 years ago and enjoy it very much, other than the winters and the politicians, both of which he finds cold, long (-winded), and hard to take.