How Often Do Teens Check Their Smart Phones?


Smart phone addition is a real problem in the world today, especially among teens. Thanks to a recent study done by Reuters and Common Sense Media we know that most teens who are addicted to their smart phones will check them at least hourly, and they feel the need to message back immediately, regardless if it’s a text, Snapchat, Vine or I.M.

Reuters reported that the majority of parents concurred, with 59 percent of those with children between ages 12 and 18 saying their kids cannot give up their phones, according to a poll of 1,240 parents and children by Common Sense Media. 

The findings from the nonprofit group, which focuses on the effects of media and technology on children, highlighted the tension such close ties to devices can cause, with it disrupting driving, homework and other time together.

About a third of those polled said they argue every day about screen use, the San Francisco-based group said.

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Smart Phones Causing Conflict In Homes?

Sadly, it’s not just teens who are addicted to smart phones; parents are also addicted to them as well and most adults admitted to Reuters that they have a hard time giving up their mobile devices when at home.

Even though some experts may claim that an individuals time spent on their mobile device is a sign of their needing to feel a connection with someone, or something, the big question that must be asked is if spending more time staring at a mobile device is actually a good thing compared to really spending quality time with another human being?
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