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More than often, we are concerned about happenings and events of the nation, which is exceptionally right as a responsible citizen. However, how much do you know about your state? Welcome to, where we bring you state news of Georgia along with the national headlines and US Conservative Politics, guaranteeing that you will never miss anything that’s happening around you.

We all like the video format of the news, and that’s probably the main reason why we are struck to the television for most of the information. Although, there is massive value of entertainment that’s covered in the three or four latest breaking news stories, there is a lack of depth, as well. Many times, the news details are edited or often cut because the time availability for each story is limited. However, with the internet, ensures that you don’t miss on anything that’s important to know.

We are the largest and fastest growing online news portal, bringing Georgia news and information straight to your desk. Just spare 30 minutes with us every single day, and you have all the news in front of you. We are more concerned about information than just entertainment, and therefore, each of the news pieces are written and crafted with extreme care. We also have a commentary section, where we talk of anything that’s crucial, from conservative news to more political stores.

On a lighter note, it’s not just the serious issues that we cover, but we also take in stories of sports and entertainment, which is often fun and full of passion for many. We also have a section for recent political cartoons, where we take in more sarcastic and enjoyable take on many of the current issues. At, we want readers to form and express their opinion, which is why we have the opinion polls section, where you can express thoughts on matters of Georgia and the nation.

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Stay tuned online with us every day, because we make your more responsible as a citizen. It remains one of our main endeavors to bring in everything that causes concern!

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