Elon Musk – An Modern American Hero


In an age where the world seems to be falling apart on a daily basis thankfully we still have American Hero’s who are quietly going about their day-to-day business changing the world, advancing technology, inspiring others to reach farther or do more with their lives and one of those hero’s is Elon Musk.

Humble Beginnings

Although he’s worth billions of dollars today Elon Musk started his life in humble beginnings and was severely bullied during his childhood in South Africa and Canada but he didn’t let the bullying stop him from realizing his full potential. By 1995 he started his first company Zip2 which was ultimately acquired for over $300 million dollars and he received $22 million dollars from the sale.

PayPal & SpaceX

By the latest 1990’s Elon Musk’s business interests led him to starting another company which eventually evolved into PayPal and from there he started SpaceX, a company which he started with the goal of one day colonizing planet Mars.

Elon Musk has enjoyed huge success with SpaceX and was eventually rewarded a $1.6 billion NASA contract and while he was building SpaceX Elon Musk also started Tesla Motors, an electric car company.

Huge Success

Thanks to his vision for the future Elon Musk has actually succeeded where others failed and built an popular electric car that’s in demand from buyers around the world and his SpaceX company was the first commercial company to successfully launch and birth a transport cargo on the International Space Station.

Even though he was born in South Africa Elon Musk is also strongly Pro-American and he continues to support Democracy in the world with the belief that the world would not exist as we know it had the United States not been the leader of the free world in the 20th Century.