Edible Six Pack Rings Are Finally Here, But Will They Save The Environment?

One of the biggest problems that’s hurt the environment over the years is the six pack ring. These plastic rings can be found around a six pack of your favorite beverage, including beer and soda, but thankfully one company is finally doing something about this problem by creating the first edible six pack ring but the BIG question is will it really help the environment?

Thankfully, a Florida based company called Saltwater Brewery is testing the market with this new product and so far the response has been positive.

Created with a 3D-printed mold, the rings are made from wheat and barley leftover from the brewing process. Unlike plastic rings, which can entangle or suffocate sea life, the biodegradable rings won’t harm animals if they’re eaten, and won’t harm the environment if they’re not.

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Regardless if anyone actually eats the plastic rings or not, although some might if they are really hungover, the good news is that something is finally being done to end the practice of using plastic six pack rings and hopefully more companies will catch onto this concept so that plastic six pack rings can finally be banned for good around the world.