Decline of US Businesses

Over taxation and unreasonable insurance demands jeopardize the U.S. business structure.  Grossly elevated taxes, education and insurance expenses keep American workers in debt, compromises growth and cripples freedom.  Inability to reap appreciable rewards stalemates productivity, dulls competitive edge and corrupts motivation, and therefore the U.S. economy is on a liberal-policies-perpetuated spiral of decline. 

 Redistribution of wealth through the deceptively named Affordable Care Act places a heavy burden on tax paying individuals and businesses.  Too heavy.  Some businesses that have done their math have calculated that paying fines will be more cost effective than paying for their employees to be covered under the impositions of the ACA.  Another option is to rearrange their employee schemes so that the majority will work less than 30 hours a week, and therefore not fall under the ACA mandates for who an employer must provide health insurance.  Not providing health insurance weakens a business’ attraction to possible employees.   Some businesses will exercise a third option of moving to another country, and they will take many, especially highly skilled, employees with them. 

Businesses reincorporating abroad because of U.S. tax laws has been a serious problem for many years.  Now that ACA burdens multiply the complexities of tax laws and increases the costs of doing business this trend will logically gain momentum.  Citizens quitting the U.S. skyrocketed in 2013 to an unprecedented number, and the reason is believed to be tax laws.  Businesses and individuals taking their money, skills and potentials, and investing in other countries is a harbinger of economic decline. 

 Businesses who stay in the U.S. and keep the majority of their employees on part-time schemes may still not be able to realize a profit because of liberals’ constant efforts to raise taxes and impose regulations.   Even if they are able to stay in business they will be able to create very few new jobs.  Many overseas corporations do not find doing business in the U.S.  lucrative.  Again, very few new jobs created.  Young people looking forward to completing their education and moving forward into satisfying careers that will realize their dreams may very well find themselves in a nightmare of student debt and joblessness.

 In 2012 roughly 23 percent of Americans received public assistance, some of them at $8 an hour.  That’s a huge financial burden for the government.  ACA rampantly promises to afford healthcare insurance to those with low and no incomes, and that creates an even greater financial burden for the government.  Raising taxes on businesses and individuals is one way of meeting those burdens, and another way is borrowing from other countries.  But paying off those debts, plus interest, will eventually come out of the coffers of already struggling businesses, and off the backs of hard working U.S. citizens.  Many businesses unable to move to another country may shut their doors and declare bankruptcy.  After too high a percentage of hard-fought-for income must go to paying taxes and insurance many individuals will calculate that they will have a better quality of life on government assistance.

 Inability for businesses to grow, lack of jobs and corruption of motivation to succeed conforms the U.S. into a welfare nation.  Businesses and individuals increasingly moving to and investing in other economies retards the vitality and progress that a country must maintain to be competitive in the world market.  While businesses struggle valiantly to build and maintain strong financial structures, liberal policies beat them down.  Before this spiral of decline is irreversible conservative values must take over the White House.

 Joan Brown ~ contributor