CBO – Obamacare will cost the country approximately 2.3 million jobs!

Critics of the Affordable Care Act were again vindicated this week with the release of a report by the Congressional Polo Stone Island Homme Pas Cher Budget Office that stated that Obamacare would cost the country approximately 2.3 million jobs.

The Congressional Budget Office is a nonpartisan federal Cardigan Stone Island Homme agency. This makes it much harder for the President and other apologists for the ACA to refute its claims on the basis of political bias, as they consistently do with the assertions of Republican members of Congress.

According to the CBO, significant numbers of Americans who no longer need to work full-time to get health insurance may choose to work part time or not work at all, getting their coverage from the healthcare exchanges instead.  The report also predicts the loss of even more jobs due to business owners not filling as many full time positions or cutting employee hours.  All in all. these lost hours equal a national reduction in labor equal to 2% of all hours worked by Americans between 2017 to 2024.

Let that sink for a moment.

Additionally, the CBO report indicates expectations for enrollment are about two million individuals short. No small number of these unenrollments are due to issues with healthcare.gov.Garbage in, garbage out.

The White House, naturally, did their best to spin the report. Press Secretary Jay Carney stated that many of these lost hours were a result of workers feeling “empowered” to decide to leave their jobs since affordable health care is available independently of employment. Significantly for the president, this exodus will reduce the employment rate because fewer workers are now competing for the same number of jobs.

So Obamacare will help reduce the unemployment rate Jeans Stone Island Homme without creating a single additional job? It’s magic! No matter how you spin it, it’s still 2% of the labor force, gone, headed for part-time, or for the couch. It’s the equivalent of one out of every fifty people choosing to drop out of the labor force.

One of the central arguments against socialist-style big government welfare programs like Obamacare made by conservatives is they are ultimately bad for business. One of the unfortunate truths about Obamacare for Democrats is that it appears to support this hypothesis.

Would the Democrats say that a Republican national program that somehow empowered an additional 2.3 million Americans to choose to seek full-time gainful employment instead of working part time or not all was a failure? Cardigan Stone Island Pas Cher Judging from their assessment of the CBO’s latest projections about Obamacare, they would.

Giving people the choice to leave the workforce because they can get health care without a job is no different from other Democrat entitlement programs like Stone Island Pas Cher Medicaid and Medicare. It amounts to another way for the Democratic party to effectively bribe the electorate.

With the Democrats around, why should anyone work? There are Social Security Disability benefits for everything from back pain to depression. If that’s not your thing, you can go on unemployment. You can have free health care and get food Veste Stone Island Homme stamps for your whole family.

That’s how the welfare state functions. Liberal politicians offer the public the government teat in exchange for their support in the genersal elections. The price of this, of course, is the voluntary abandonment of the pursuit of happiness by the voters in exchange for an unambitious existence of tolerable mediocrity.

Do you think those 2.3 million people who leave their full-time jobs will vote Democrat in the future? Probably. Who knows what these individuals might have accomplished in business, or in the public sector, for that matter? Seduced into an early retirement by the ACA, they can spend their afternoons in silent reverie for the sake of the Great Leader.

A government whose central legislative programs discourage people from working is not a government that wants the country which it governs to be a serious contender in the modern global economy.

The conservative model is much harder for people to emulate, and therefore less popular. It involves unearthing your own hidden talents and relying on your inner resources instead of taking a number in the government cheese line. It means starting at the bottom if necessary and working with what you have for the sake of achieving a better life instead of giving up and settling for an existence that never challenges you or rewards you for your labor. 

It means not checking out of the workforce and accepting a lower standard of living just because you can purchase insurance though Obamacare.

Forgive me my soapbox, but come on.

2.3 million people are leaving the labor market because of the Affordable Care Act. No matter how you try to explain this, it’s bad for America when citizens choose to live off the government instead of work for a living, whether it comes to Obamacare, unemployment benefits, or any other centrally planned big government program.

Thomas Davis – NEWSslinger Contributor