Steve Jobs – American Hero


Should Steve Jobs be called an American Hero? The answer to this question is yes because, Steve Jobs is largely responsible for the technological revolution that we are enjoying today and if it wasn’t for his vision, we most likely would not be enjoying the mobile devices that we have today.

About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs started out his life like any other kid in California, but what made him different is that he was someone who had a vision, and it was a vision to turn the personal computer PC into something that everyone could use. He did that with the help of Steve Wozniak, and the two men founded Apple Computers in 1976.

Over the years Steve Jobs also started well-known Pixar Studio’s, and he co-invented over 300 patents, much more than other CEO’s of his day, including Bill Gates.

Why Steve Jobs?

Thanks to Steve Job’s we’ve grown accustomed to iPhones, iPads, iPods, laptops, personal computers and a wide array of other devices over the years that have made our lives easier and now most people can’t imagine a world without their favorite technology in it.

Steve Jobs wasn’t only just the most well-known CEO ever, he also inspired millions of other people to follow their dreams and left an impact on the tech world that inventors, coders, marketers and entrepreneurs will continue to feel for years to come.