ACA, a Continuing Debacle and Shame

In the current damning situation, Obama would be wise to reconsider his adamantly held positions regarding the Affordable Care Act.   That he wants every American to be covered by a comprehensive healthcare insurance plan is commendable, but the laws governing ACA are financially condemning to American businesses and individuals, they are counter-productive to freedom and growth, the October 1 rollout was and remains a catastrophe, and they are causing serious divisions in his own political party.  He’s a lame duck president, there’s no great need for in-party loyalty, especially when the sway of the populace, commonsense and accurate math are against ACA laws.  Obama has already put off the employer mandate for a year, and now he would be prudent to put off the individual mandate forever.

 Many corporations are staggered by the implications of ACA regarding full-time employees, and in addition to filing numerous lawsuits some have posited that paying penalties will be less expensive than conforming to its outrageous mandates.   That ACA is so poorly written as to mandate unreasonable expense of doing business with full-time employees is a deplorable disservice to businesses and employees, and encourages a backlash against the government.  To, even peripherally, encourage revenue builders and tax payers to flout the government is extremely imprudent. 

 Many media reports, negative and positive, of individuals’ healthcare experiences since October 1, have circulated.  Those whose situations have improved should be congratulated, but many are now burdened with greatly increased premiums, and this is unacceptable and therefore strong support to put off the individual mandate. 

 Obama’s apology regarding his failed promise that individuals would be allowed to keep their existing plans implies that he either out-and-out lied, or that he is ignorant of how ACA is written, or both.  This, again, is unacceptable, and the president of the U.S. should be held to the highest standards, or all American citizens, current and future, are disillusioned.  

 Yes, the constitutionality of ACA has been gaveled, but there remain many arguments to the contrary, and Republicans will hopefully use these arguments to stop ACA as it is written.  Chief Justice John Roberts twice rewrote ACA in order to fit into Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution, “Bills for raising revenue.”  Healthcare should not be about taxes but that’s the current, ugly reality of ACA.   By rewriting a bill that was unconstitutional and rendering it constitutional because it is now about taxes, and that effort being condoned because it was not successfully condemned, is an exercise in unlimited, open-ended power.  The U.S. is a democracy and citizens should not be forced to purchase a commodity. is grossly inadequate.   Report after report tells us that early concerns, security issues and later signs of deficiencies were ignored by the administration.  Here, again, is strong support to put off ACA.

 Inherent flaws in ACA, that are becoming more and more apparent, are splintering Democrats who wish to remain in office, and are worthy tools for Republicans to regain majority.

 Sure, Obama wants to go down in history as the president that instituted the wonderfulness of healthcare for each and every citizen, but the damn thing is broken, and if he doesn’t cause changes in ACA he will be remembered as a president who opened the door for businesses and individuals to flout the White House and the law, who exercised unlimited, open-ended power, and who, because of the timing and process of elections, splintered the Democratic Party.  With ACA a debacle and shame, and elections in 2014 and 2016, republicans have a huge opportunity to regain control of U.S. politics.

 Joan Brown ~ contributor