A Teacher Found This Kitten Crying In A Bag…This Story Will Break Your Heart

On the morning of March 3, Aline Martins was walking her dog when she saw a garbage bag that was moving…and meowing. She grabbed the sack and quickly untied the two knots that held it closed. Inside, she found a kitten — he was soaking wet and frightened.

Sick and hurt kitten

Martins immediately took the cat home and began caring for him. She gave the cutie a warm bath and some much-needed nourishment.

Sick Cat 2

She fashioned the kitten a bed, which he loved so much that he started purring as soon as he touched it.

sick kitten3

Now, this once-abandoned cat has a new home and he couldn’t be happier about it!

Happy Kitten

What a Good Samaritan! While not everyone can make room for a new furry friend in their home, you can always donate to your local animal shelter or volunteer there.