What Not To Say When Applying for A Job


Job interviews are something that just about everyone will have to endure at least once in their lives and although it’s easy to think that you’re prepared for the interview the reality is that there are some things you don’t want to say when applying for a including the following:

“This job is just a stepping stone for me”

“Is your bosses job open?”

“Do I really have to wear pants?”

“I need to answer this text message”

“My vampire name is”

“I was out partying all night”

“I totally can’t count”

“My last boss was terrible”

“It’s on my resume”

“When do I get my paid vacation?”

“I don’t have any questions for you”

“Sorry for being late!”

“Sorry for being early!”

“Um, yeah”


Remember that what you say during a job interview is just as important as what you have listed on your resume.

Tip – If you have embarrassing pictures on your social media profiles you should remove or make those pictures private BEFORE your interview because most job interviewers will Google your name or look you up on social media after interviewing you.