43% Obama Approval Rating


  The media would have you believe that for all Obama’s shortcomings, he still far surpasses the last president when it comes to popularity. The problem is that this simply isn’t true.

     A recent Fox News poll points out that Obama currently enjoys a 43% approval rating from the electorate. At the same point in his presidency (that is, in January 2006), George W. Bush still had the support of 36% of Americans.

     It is easy to forget that the federal government’s wretched response to the disaster in New Orleans in 2005 singlehandedly torpedoed Bush’s popularity for the rest of his second term. Before Katrina, Bush’s approval rating was comparable to Obama’s or a bit higher, even with the Iraq war in full swing.

     I make no apologies for the Bush administration’s inaction after Hurricane Katrina. I doubt that those of us who lived through that time will ever forget the media images of people stranded on rooftops and pleading for help, days after the hurricane had come and gone.

    Bush’s reputation was destroyed virtually overnight as a result of Katrina, in a single blow. He never recovered. Obama’s situation is different. It involves the death of a thousand cuts. Obamacare, the NSA, the economy, the IRS, Benghazi, Afghanistan: all of these factors are systematically draining the lifeblood from Obama’s presidency.

     Changing metaphors, if any of these tumors metastasize in the mind of the public, they have the potential to drag Obama’s approval ratings down to Katrina levels, and the rest of the Democratic party with it.

     Remember the beating GOP candidates took in 2006? As much as I would like forget it, I do. We got our asses handed to us, colloquially speaking. This was directly tied to the president’s poor standing since the previous year after Katrina.

     The reason Katrina was so devastating for Bush wasn’t just the number of people who were homeless or stranded after the storm; rather, the images and videos endlessly shown on cable news depicting their plight was what did him in.

     What if instead of simply railing about the numbers of people who stand to suffer under the nightmare of Obamacare, conservatives spent more time highlighting them as individuals? Where are the videos in which those who have lost their insurance under Obamacare or are facing higher premiums because of it are able to tell their story?

     Liberals don’t understand statistics. They generally rely on their own fuzzy math when solving problems, a calculus informed less by data than by well-intended but misplaced compassion.

     Have you seen the videos for the SPCA in which Sarah McLachlan’s weepy ballad “Angel” accompanies images of doleful canines and felines? I bet you were tempted to donate to the SPCA even though you probably don’t even know what it does.

     The point is that for many lachrymose Democrats, human interest stories told with photographs and videos will do more to expose the travesty of Obamacare for what it is than all the statistics The Washington Times can print.

     I’m picking Obamacare because it’s something that we conservatives, be we Rovians or Tea Partiers, can agree on. Pick your poison.

     We need to find the people who have been harmed by the policies of the Obama administration and help them tell their stories on not only on Fox News, on CNN, on Rush, in The Wall Street Journal, and in The Economist, but other places as well. Online. On The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

     Even on MSNBC (we’re counting on you, Joe Scarborough).

     Where are the people who fear for their lives because they live in cities like Boston where their right bear arms has been abridged?

     Where are the people who are out of work or have given up looking for work because of the effect the central planning doctrines of the Obama Administration has had on the economy?

     Where are the survivors of drone attacks in Pakistan and other countries who have lost family members to an administration that is intent on overstepping its Constitutional bounds?

     Where are the people who were unfairly targeted by the IRS for their allegiance to conservative principles?

     Where are the family members of soldiers who are fighting an unending war with an ill-defined mission in Afghanistan, a mission which, according to former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the administration does not even believe in?

     Where are those writers and journalists who feel that their jobs are too dangerous to conduct effectively in the wake of revelations about Big Brother NSA government surveillance?

     We need to find these people and help them tell their stories to put a human face on the atrocities of the Obama administration.

     It is easy for liberals to ignore these individuals as long as they appear to be nothing more than a set of statistics. One they become real humans whose narrative are captured in images and on video, things will get a bit more real for them.

    They will be forced to admit that not only is the Obama administration ineffective, it is also cruel.

    Those who say Obama must be cruel to be kind will surely restrain themselves from attacking the victims of his policies.

     If we succeed, Bush’s approval ratings, even after Katrina, will be enviable in comparison to those of  Obama and his technocrats.

     And then we will again win elections. Remember those days?

Thomas Davis – NEWSslinger Contributor