4 things you shouldn’t do on an airplane

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Do you travel on an airplane frequently, or are planning on traveling by plane in the near future? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people travel by plane each year and sadly many people don’t know what not to do on an airplane.

In this article we will cover 4 things you shouldn’t do on an airplane so you will make your next flight easy for yourself and potentially the other passengers on the plane. 

#1 – Block The Isle

One of the most annoying things people do on airplanes is block the isles, and this takes up a lot of time for the flight attendants and other passengers. To avoid blocking the isles make sure that you get out everything you intend on using during your flight, before take off, so you don’t take a lot of time searching for items in the overhead storage compartment.

#2 – Be Rude To The Flight Attendants 

Right before the flight takes off the flight attendants are literally communicating with multiple people at one time, that’s why it pays to be nice to them when you’re boarding since they are going through a lot to insure that the flight goes smoothly.

#3 – Join The Mile High Club

Although it’s legendary, one thing you should never do when flying is to join the mile high club because, not only is it unsafe, engaging in this behavior could also put the safety of other passengers at risk too. 

#4 – Leave Your Seat Belt Off When Landing 

Remember that when the plane is landing, and the seat belt light is on, you should have your seat belt on or you risk hurting yourself and the other passengers around you.