113th Congress – The Laughing Stock of Our Era

As we count our blessings from the year gone by, and look towards a possible brighter future in the New Year, let us be grateful for what we have. Or, rather, let us take a glance at what we don’t have, from the 113th Congress of these United States, courtesy of the Grand Ol’ Party (GOP).

The GOP House of Representatives, which makes up half of Congress, led by House Speaker John Boehner, has managed to thwart the passage of so many laws put forth by the Senate, the other half of Congress, that the result is the fewest laws put on the books by Congress. Any Congress. In the history of the United States of America. Ever. See, first, a legislative body of government must first put forth bills that become law (see Politics 101), which, halfway through the 113th’s term, hasn’t managed to pull off very well, if at all.

In fact, this Congress has not done much of anything of what they’re supposed to do, in the passage of bills: no passage of an agricultural bill, a water bill, or any of the normal, “business as usual” bills of which one would consider of a “routinely functioning” government body. Harry Truman’s Congress (Remember him? This was before he became Vice-President under FDR, to give the reader an idea how long ago we’re talking about here), put forth the fewest bills in the history of the United States at that time, which then passed a mere 355 laws.

This was considered the literal laughing stock of its era, and, until recently, a miniscule amount. That is, of course, until the 112th Congress, the 113th’s predecessor, passed a mere 285 laws. Now, with half of the 113th session gone, they have only managed to pass… drumroll please… 65 laws. That’s right. Only 65 laws. If one does the math, then in the year remaining in the term, the 113th Congress will be responsible for the passing of somewhere in the neighborhood of 130 laws, the lowest in the history of this country.

Michael A. Memboli, of the Tribune Washington Bureau, writes, “though many lawmakers insist they ended on a high note with the passage of a two-year, bipartisan budget accord that offered hope for a new chapter in Washington’s gridlock, the historical ideological divide in Congress give experts few reasons to believe 2014 will be the ‘year of action’”. If one bothers to take a mere glance at this supposed “bipartisan” agreement, one quickly sees that Paul Ryan and the rest of right basically “pulled one over” on the left. Well, nice to see these Conservatives can do something besides shut down the Government.

Action. Inaction is more like it. The Congress immediately preceding this administration, the 112th, accomplished so little, it was ridiculous. This is just pathetic. Of course, there are political professionals and pundits alike (mostly on the right), who say that the creating of less is more. If that’s true, then the legislative body, of the three branches government, put forth by the United States Constitution (that the Conservative right is so often fond of quoting, by the way), is supposed to do nothing, then what the hell are they doing there in the first place? And, if Truman’s Congress was the laughing stock of its era way back when, what does the current state of affairs say about this one?


 Trey Ellison – NEWSslinger Contributor